Rainbow brights barn wedding & legal ceremony with red dress

Ready for the rainbow bright barn wedding of WWW readers Becca and Lloyd? You should be as their day at The Priory Little Wymondley in Hertfordshire was totally epic!

First up, a year before their big wedding, Becca and Lloyd had a small legal ceremony, complete with Becca wearing a gorgeous red wedding dress. You can see these stunning shots in a gallery at the end of their feature.

For their main wedding, they went all out colourful, with WWW wedding supplier member Fleur De Lace providing the fun decor and styling. As well as Becca and Lloyd crafting up a storm! Look out for colourful lanterns, a ribbon backdrop, fun signs and pretty paper wedding flowers.

From the fun sing-a-long wedding ceremony songs to the flower men and bouncy castle, their day sure was one to remember. A big thank you to Kim Williams Weddings for sharing these joy-filled and mesmerising images.


The Proposal

Lloyd knew roughly knew how he wanted to do it. His friend Zabou – an amazing graffiti artist has a picture of a couple kissing – titled: until death do us part.

Becca wanted to at some point commission a painting by Zabou of them done in the same pose, but wearing day of the dead make-up they had worn for a Halloween party some years before.

Lloyd commissioned this in secret but incorporated a ring on the third finger of Becca’s left hand. He planned to give her this gift and proposal on their anniversary. The morning of which Becca had a really bad cold, Lloyd had set up a treasure hunt around the house to lead to the picture, but Becca woke up snotty, sniffling and not into the treasure hunt at all.

Becca got Lloyd a bottle of whiskey and asked Lloyd for her gift so she could go back to bed. Still really grumpy, she begrudgingly did the treasure hunt. Opened the present, said yes and commenced cold snotty ugly happy crying.

Vintage through and through

The Vision

Had a clear vision of what we wanted it to be, Lloyd in his twenties had played in a wedding band and had seen well over a hundred weddings, and knew he wanted his to be something a bit different.

Becca who’s always been creative wanted to make as much as possible, and where not feasible, involve local small businesses. Becca alongside her friends (particularly Hayley who made all the intricate white ones) made all the flowers on the tables, the table plan, the order of service as well as the pallet board order of the day and many other bits.

Both wanted the wedding to be fun, laid back and personal. From Lloyds family and friends being the wedding band, to their friend Ruari writing and leading the blessing to a bouncy castle and games on the lawn.

Becca and Lloyd wanted to get all their friends and family all in one place, to celebrate, a year later than planned due to covid. (They had a tiny legal ceremony the year before when only 12 people could attend).

Lloyd and Becca are not partially religious, which allowed them to plan out the day how they liked, such as flowermen beginning the ceremony dancing and handing out beer, hymns being replaced with everyone singing the Cure and Queen and having a big ribbon wall hiding the band set up for that evening.

For a bit more context, the Pre-covid plan was to have a tiny legal ceremony on 13th May 2021 and then have the big wedding on the Saturday 15th. However Covid happened, so Becca and Lloyd decided to push the big wedding a year to 14th May 2022, but eager to be married held a tiny legal ceremony 13th May 2021 where only 12 people were allowed to attend.